Shrine in Czech Countryside Dedicated to Blessed Karl

On August 11, 2018, a group of over 100 enthusiasts and devotees of Blessed Karl dedicated a shrine in his honor at Návarov, Jablonec Nad Nisou, in the Czech Republic. The site sits on the location of an old spring that had become forgotten and fallen into disrepair, until a member of the local Military History Club, which commemorating veterans of Austria-Hungary, cleaned and repaired the spring and surrounding stone enclosure. With water flowing once again, the site can become a place of pilgrimage for prayer and nourishment both physical and spiritual. The day began with a pilgrimage from the town to the spring where it was blessed and dedicated by the local priest. A small celebration followed. 

The League of Prayer U.S.A. and Canada is grateful to Zdeněk Žalský and Matěj Čadil for sharing photos from the shrine and spring dedication. In 2017, we featured Matěj Čadil's artwork on Blessed Karl titled, "The Emperor in Exile." Click for news story.

Karl Austria